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Sell My Structured Settlement. Payments for a Lump Sum of Cash Now, This type of structured insurance settlement provides a stream of payments over many years. For some, selling their structured settlement payments is not the best option; for others it clearly is. J.G. Wentworth's team of experienced structured settlement buyers will work with customers to customize options tailored to each individual's needs.
Sell My Structured Settlement

J.G. Wentworth has, by far, the most experience purchasing structured settlement payments from consumers, with a customer base that is much larger than any competitor, and over $2 billion in payment transfers. Please use the links below for more information on how to sell your payments and receive your structured settlement money sooner or call us now.Sell Structured Settlements For Cash – with Ease

If you have a structured settlement, you don’t have to wait for your money! It is possible to sell structured settlements & future lawsuit payments to financial institutions like Woodbridge.

You can turn all or part of your future payments into a lump sum. Selling your structured settlement can give you the financial freedom you need to meet today’s challenges and opportunities. When selling structured settlements is the right decision.

Whether you want to buy a new house, pay down old debt, pursue a business opportunity, or just free up more cash-flow, selling structured settlements to Woodbridge Structured Funding, LLC can put your award to work today.

We guarantee that no legitimate company will make a better offer when you’re ready to sell your structured settlement. Can I sell my structured settlement payments?

Thousands of people every year sell structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash. Settlement Quotes (SQ) is a structured settlement factoring consultant firm. We provide individuals who would like to sell structured settlement payments four quotes and bids for their future payments. There are many reasons to sell structured settlement payments, but most of the time there is a financial burden in the house hold. The payment plans we offer include full payment, partial payment, shared, and deferred payments to individuals who seek to receive cash for structured settlement payments. Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments. Get The Money You Need When You Need It.

You never need to be strapped for cash if you have a structured settlement. AnFed Bank wants to buy as much of your future structured settlement payment stream as you want to sell. You’ll get a generous lump sum payment to help meet your current financial needs, and you’ll have the peace of mind of working with the industry experts.

Why Sell Your Payments?
Pay educational expenses.
Provide for unexpected needs.
Other companies are simply brokers who wedge themselves between structured settlement annuitants (such as you) and the financial institutions (such as us) that actually purchase the payments. Receiving a structured settlement is often a victory for many individuals. Selling an annuity, if permitted by state law and/or contract language, can have benefits as well as drawbacks.

Folks who have asked the question how to I sell my structured settlement, often run into obstacles of contract law or state legislation. The terms or language of an annuity contract may also prohibit its sale. When someone says I want to sell my structured settlement payments, it is not always a bad idea. If a person needs the payments however for long-term medical bills, income, or other costs, keeping the original contract takes all the guesswork out of managing a large sum of money, something many average consumers are not familiar with Sell My Structured Settlement.

How can I sell my structured settlement?. There are two ways to sell your future payments for cash. Full lump sum buyout: You have the option to sell all your payments and receive one lump sum cash payout. Partial lump sum buyout: If you prefer, you can sell just a portion of your payments to meet your immediate cash needs and keep your remaining payments.

Who do I sell my settlement to?. Companies that purchase future payments for cash are structured settlement purchasing companies. Stone Street Capital is a company that will purchase your future payments and convert them into lump sum cash.

Sell My Structured Settlement
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